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Comprehensive Cataract Eye Exams at Optyx in New York

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What do cataracts refer to? Cataracts refer to a condition in which the natural lens of the eye, situated behind both iris and pupil, becomes cloudy. Such cloudiness can diminish one’s vision capacity and if not attended to promptly may culminate into blindness ultimately. Cataract development is gradual over time; it affects either or both […]

OPTYX New York and Bugatti Eyewear Join Forces in Exclusive New York Partnership

OPTYX New York and Bugatti Eyewear Join Forces in Exclusive New York Partnership

OPTYX New York and Bugatti Eyewear Join Forces in Exclusive New York Partnership. Experience luxury, performance, and design through Bugatti Eyewear at OPTYX, where impeccable style meets exceptional eye care. OPTYX Eyewear, the esteemed luxury eyewear boutique in New York, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Bugatti Eyewear. This groundbreaking collaboration brings together […]

Rediscovering Vintage Charm: A Spotlight on OPTYX Retro Sunglasses

Find the perfect place to buy an RX for your sunglasses in NYC

Been a noticeable revival of vintage fashion, especially the allure of retro sunglasses. This ageless accessory is experiencing a significant resurgence as both males and females are captivated by the glamour of the past. The remarkable aesthetics of these retro sunglasses, whether for men or women, have garnered fresh attention, echoing a nostalgic fashion sentiment […]

Embracing Simplicity: A Deep Dive into OPTYX’s Minimalist Reading Glasses

What glasses fit your face the best

In recent times, there’s been a notable pivot in the eyewear market towards a minimalist ethos. Minimalist glasses, defined by their streamlined, uncluttered lines, and minimal embellishments, have gained significant popularity. The allure lies in their refined and sophisticated charm, matched with the advantage of adaptability, making them suitable for any attire. Equally, minimalist reading […]

Eye Exam for Glaucoma at OPTYX in New York

There are several types of glaucoma: acute angle-closure, chronic-angle closure, normal-tension, existing since birth (congenital), secondary glaucoma caused by other health conditions or diseases. If left untreated; peripheral vision deteriorates gradually followed by central loss eventually resulting in complete blindness while Angle-closure type results into intense discomforts such as migraine nausea vomiting blurred visions respectively […]

What is the difference between an eye exam and a Refraction

To evaluate your vision and eye health comprehensively, an optometrist or ophthalmologist conducts an eye exam. Various tests are administered to assess diverse aspects of ocular function as well as overall health. Maintaining regular appointments for these exams is essential in detecting any vision issues at their onset and upholding the healthy condition of your […]

Comprehensive Eye Exams for Diabetics at OPTYX in New York


Prioritizing eye health is of utmost importance for individuals with diabetes, as neglecting diabetic retinopathy and other such conditions can lead to severe visual impairment or even complete blindness. This emphasizes the need for a personalized ocular treatment plan that caters specifically to the unique needs of these patients. With competent optometrists and ophthalmologists at […]

Discovering the Best Designer Sunglasses for Women and Men

Discovering the Best Designer Sunglasses for Women and Men

The Best Designer Sunglasses 2023 for Your Stylish Look It is impossible to overestimate the value of sunglasses. They can be both functional and fashionable, protecting the eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays. In recent years, high-end designer sunglasses have become increasingly stylish and sought-after by fashion enthusiasts. High-quality designer sunglasses may benefit everyone, […]

Stay Focused on the Road: Best Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

Stay Focused on the Road Best Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

When it comes to driving, there are a few steps we all take to ensure our safety. Wearing your seatbelt is a must, and the same goes for wearing sunglasses. Luxury sunglasses not only make you look stylish, but also provide an important layer of protection while driving. The sun’s rays can be very blinding […]

The Science of Outdoor Sunglasses: Enhancing Vision and Protection

UNCATEGORIZED The Science of Outdoor Sunglasses: Enhancing Vision and Protection

Why is having a pair of outdoor sunglasses so important? When doing activities outside, it is essential to have a sturdy pair of sunglasses. Outdoor sunglasses not only shield the eyes from the sun’s rays but also enhance eyesight by decreasing glare. Although sunglasses have been around for much longer, evidence suggests that they were […]

Protect Your Eyes in Style this Winter with OPTYX Sunglasses

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The need for adequate eye protection intensifies during the frosty months. Despite common misconceptions, the danger from the sun’s UV rays to our visual health can be equal to or potentially more substantial in winter. This fact is attributable to snow’s reflective properties which can heighten the UV radiation exposure to our eyes. Winter sunglasses […]

Embrace Your Style: The Cat Eye Sunglasses of OPTYX

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The cat eye sunglasses, a quintessential fashion accessory from the 1950s and 60s, have an interesting history and progression. Their inception dates back to the post-World War II period when sunglasses began to be positioned more as a style statement than mere protective gear. The distinctive, elevated design of these sunglasses, echoing the almond-like eyes […]