Eyes Blurry From Online Shopping? Use Your FSA Spend On New Glasses Before 12-31-2023


Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. When your vision is blurry, not only are you robbed of the beauty of your surroundings, but it may be difficult to perform tasks like seeing a menu, shopping online or reading a prescription bottle. Then, of course you feel irritated. If you know you […]

Optyx Takes The Pressure Off Black Friday Sale Shopping! With Our Annual Customer Appreciation Week November 30th – December 4th 2023

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November 30th – December 4th 2023! Up to 50% Off IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR Only from November 30 – December 4th you can shop your favorite brands of eyewear and sunglasses with our biggest sale of the year.Save up to 50% off. Stay tuned for more updates on our Black Friday flash sale […]

Stand out in the Crowd with Bold Glasses

Stand out in the Crowd with Bold Glasses

A potent kind of self-expression that values originality and creativity is embracing individuality and standing out from the herd. We draw your attention to the transforming effect of embracing individuality through an exploration of many kinds of self-expression, such as clothing choices, hobbies, and personal interests. We demonstrate how wearing provocative eyewear as a way […]

Protect your eyes in style: Sunglasses for Women and Men

Protect your eyes in style Sunglasses for Women and Men

The relevance of selecting fashionable beach sunglasses that provide both protection and fashion Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace luxury when it comes to beach sunglasses? We want to immerse you in the world of opulence, emphasizing the critical importance of finding beach sunglasses that easily integrate protection and design in the most […]

Boost Your Productivity with Anti-Glare Computer Glasses

Boost Your Productivity with Anti-Glare Computer Glasses

Impact of blue light on the eyes during computer use The human eye, a marvel of elegance, is remarkably receptive to the captivating hues of blue light, which gracefully pierce the depths of our delicate retinas. Research illuminates a disconcerting revelation: prolonged exposure to this captivating light engenders an iridescent symphony of ocular distress known […]

Minimalist Elegance: Finding the Best Rimless Eyeglasses for Your Look

Optyx – The best place for an eye exam on the Upper East Side of New York

The minimalist elegance design principle celebrates simplicity, favoring less to achieve a serene and chic look. Its essence lies in finding beauty through restraint and refinement, rejecting excess for practicality and necessity. The philosophy is embodied by clean lines, monochromatic colors schemes that emphasize quality instead of quantity. Beyond providing vision correction or protection, eyewear […]

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Aviator Sunglasses for Women


Face Shape Analysis Different face shapes and their characteristics When choosing sunglasses or a fresh hairstyle, it can be extremely beneficial to comprehend your face shape. If you possess a round face, then its features are smooth and circular with even width and length ratios without any apparent angles or edges. An oval-shaped face offers […]

Seeing the World in a Brighter Light: The Benefits of Wearing Yellow Lens Sunglasses

Yellow Lens Sunglasses

From shielding eyes from harmful UV rays to ubiquitous fashion accessories, sunglasses have surpassed their primary purpose. They are particularly in demand during sunny seasons but remain fashionable all year round as they enhance various outfits. Moreover, renowned personalities in the fields of fashion, film and music have established them as a must-have feature for […]

OPTYX New York and Bugatti Eyewear Join Forces in Exclusive New York Partnership

OPTYX New York and Bugatti Eyewear Join Forces in Exclusive New York Partnership

OPTYX New York and Bugatti Eyewear Join Forces in Exclusive New York Partnership. Experience luxury, performance, and design through Bugatti Eyewear at OPTYX, where impeccable style meets exceptional eye care. OPTYX Eyewear, the esteemed luxury eyewear boutique in New York, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Bugatti Eyewear. This groundbreaking collaboration brings together […]

Rediscovering Vintage Charm: A Spotlight on OPTYX Retro Sunglasses

Find the perfect place to buy an RX for your sunglasses in NYC

Been a noticeable revival of vintage fashion, especially the allure of retro sunglasses. This ageless accessory is experiencing a significant resurgence as both males and females are captivated by the glamour of the past. The remarkable aesthetics of these retro sunglasses, whether for men or women, have garnered fresh attention, echoing a nostalgic fashion sentiment […]

Embracing Simplicity: A Deep Dive into OPTYX’s Minimalist Reading Glasses

What glasses fit your face the best

In recent times, there’s been a notable pivot in the eyewear market towards a minimalist ethos. Minimalist glasses, defined by their streamlined, uncluttered lines, and minimal embellishments, have gained significant popularity. The allure lies in their refined and sophisticated charm, matched with the advantage of adaptability, making them suitable for any attire. Equally, minimalist reading […]