Discover Elegance in Vision: Our Curated Collection

At OPTYX we understand that luxury eyewear is more than a necessity—it’s an extension of your personal style and a statement of your unique taste. Our ‘Brands We Carry’ section is a testament to our commitment to elegance and quality.
Explore the timeless allure of Chanel‘s chic designs, or embrace the innovative craftsmanship of Cartier. Delight in the contemporary artistry of Loewe and Céline, and let the haute couture essence of Dior elevate your ensemble. For those who seek the avant-garde, Akoni offers cutting-edge aesthetics, while Balmain echoes the bold spirit of modern fashion.
Bugatti‘s eyewear transforms tradition into sophistication, and Bottega Veneta reflects the pinnacle of artisanal luxury. Indulge in Gucci‘s eclectic glamour, or choose the relaxed elegance of Maui Jim. With Lindberg, experience the epitome of Danish design and minimalist appeal.
Ray-Ban brings an iconic American legacy to your look, while YSL offers a touch of Parisian chic. Embrace sustainable luxury with Stella McCartney, or revel in the bespoke craftsmanship of Oliver Peoples. Finally, let Tom Ford‘s blend of retro and contemporary designs showcase your fashion-forward vision.

Brands at OPTYX

Discover Unparalleled Luxury Eyewear Across New York with OPTX
OPTYX proudly extends its legacy of luxury eyewear across 13 exclusive locations from the heart of New York City to the serene beaches of East Hampton, including the vibrant community of White Plains. Embrace a world where vision meets craftsmanship at our boutiques, each offering a personalized experience to help you discover eyewear that’s as unique as you are.
To explore our full range of designer frames and find the nearest boutique for a bespoke consultation, we invite you to visit our Locations page. Connect with the elegance that lies in clear sight. Your journey to impeccable style and vision starts with OPTYX.