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Contacts Or Glasses: Which Is Best For Your Eye Care?

Contact Lens

With nearsightedness alone affecting 42% of Americans between ages 12 and 54, plenty of people across the country find themselves asking which is best for their eye care: contacts or glasses? While some people will firmly argue for one or the other, both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re wondering if you should make […]

Glasses Upgrades To Make In 2019

glasses repair

Accidentally breaking or damaging your glasses can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have time for glasses repair on that day. However, you might want to start looking at this unfortunate situation as an opportunity in disguise; when you’re getting your glasses repaired, you can make adjustments to them both in style and in function. […]

Very Common Signs That You Need Blue Light Blocking Lenses

eye care

In the past couple of years, “blue-blocking” has become a huge buzzword among optometrists as a necessity in modern eye care. Why? Technology. Almost all modern electronic screens, from your smartphone to your laptop screen, are created with the goal to mimic natural sunlight. A recent survey done by Live Well found that full-time workers […]