Professional Optometrist In The Upper West Side Of NYC

Professional Optometrist In The Upper West Side Of NYC

We go through a lot in a whole day. There is so much to do once we start our day. We know it’s going to be hectic and yet we prepare ourselves for the tough day ahead. But that only happens when you have your eyes opened wide and fresh. Waking up in the morning with itching eyes, watering eyes or swollen eye is not just going to let you start your day at ease.

Eye care is essential. We develop a skincare and hair care routine. We go to doctors for regular checkups and keep checking up on the dentists too. But in the meantime, we forget about our eyes which do the most work in all this time. Eyes are precious gifts of God. We cannot even imagine living a day without seeing things. And this is why they need extra care.

How do you know if you need an optometrist for an eye exam?

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Eyes play the most important part in catching up with the world we live in. If you have trouble with them, you need to see the doctor immediately. And here are some signs that show you need an optometrist for an eye exam:


Frequent headaches could lead to many other health issues like blood pressure, sugar, migraine, and more. But it can also be caused by weak eyesight. So, if you start feeling drained due to regular headaches then you need an eye exam.

Blurred vision:

This is a very common sign that you are having trouble with your eyesight. If you often have blurred vision, you need to come to an optometrist upper west side in NYC.

You never had an eye exam before:

It is a must that you should have your full eye exam once a year even if you don’t have any issues. So, if you haven’t done that in a long time, you need to do it now.

Your family history has eye diseases

Like other diseases run in family history including diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, and more, eye diseases can also be genetic. So, if there are few people in your family having sensitive eyes or eye diseases, then you need to take care of yourself.

You are seeing doubles:

Seeing double could be sometimes due to a hangover, dizziness, or side effect of some medication, but it can also be due to wronged vision. You might need to visit an optometrist west side for that.

Eye pain or discomfort:

Eye discomfort and pain don’t occur without reason. And if it continues for some time, it can lead to other health issues too. Never take it easy and run to an optometrist immediately.

Your eyes don’t adjust easily from light to night:

If you have an issue with your vision, or something’s wrong with your eyes, you might not be able to adjust from dark to light or night to light immediately. If that happens, it means you need to see an optometrist.

How often should you visit an optometrist?

Visiting an optometrist for a normal person with healthy eyes could be just a confirmation that there is nothing wrong. But it is still important to do a detailed eye exam once a year. But it also depends on different age groups like:

Infants and toddlers:

A detailed eye exam is important for children under 3 because they are developing their eyesight and if there is something wrong like cross-eye, lazy eye, or something else, then it would be easy to treat at an early age.

School-going kids:

When your kid starts school, you need to do a detailed eye exam and the pediatrician will also tell you how often to visit, after examining the kid’s eye health. Because they need to perform at school so there are no compromises.


When you reach 40, unfortunately, this is the age when our body is most prone to genetic and other diseases. So, make sure that you get a full eye exam to know about your eye health and overall health.

How much does it cost for an optometrist on the upper west side of NYC?

How do you know if you need an optometrist for an eye exam?

The cost of an eye exam could vary from doctor to doctor, but the usual cost of an optometrist on the upper west side of NYC starts from $89 for a regular eye exam. The cost of a comprehensive eye exam starts from $150.

How can we improve your eyesight?

Professional optometrists and consultations are provided in the upper west side of NYC by OPTYX. We are the best retailer that can help improve your eyesight with the right equipment, tests, and facilities.
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