Eyes Blurry From Online Shopping? Use Your FSA Spend On New Glasses Before 12-31-2023


Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. When your vision is blurry, not only are you robbed of the beauty of your surroundings, but it may be difficult to perform tasks like seeing a menu, shopping online or reading a prescription bottle. Then, of course you feel irritated. If you know you have flexible spend availabe, why haven’t you scheduled your eye exam?

Vision care and exam costs for prescribed lenses or glasses may not be a priority – especially around the holidays. That is the beauty of FSA & HSA . This time of year can be stressful enough, why out so much stress on your eyes? OPTYX allows using your FSA or HSA for eye exams, and buying prescribed glasses, contact lenses, and rx sunglasses.

What are FSAs & HSAs?

This term FSA refers to Flexible Spending Account, a special account that saves your money for availing of budget health care services. No tax is applied to this money from the government. So, double the amount of money can be saved in this account. According to statistics, 13% of people in the USA use the FSA for health maintenance purposes. FSA allows a person to spend $2750/ year for medical purposes.

Similarly, HSA is a health saving account, that allows you to rapidly pay for bandages to contact lenses too. HSA account is more flexible because it reduces cost for approximately all medical expenses. It also allows approximately $3350/per person per year. Almost 17% of people in the USA avail of HSA for medical protection services.

So, utilize your FSAs or HSAs with Optyx before the end of the year, or you will lose them…

FSA or HSA, no matter which one you choose. Both accounts are used for saving money for health services. Both accounts can decrease the taxable income but have some differences in them.

• Save some money every month in the FSA account from the begining of the year. Use them in the following year for health maintenance services otherwise, they will expire. While HSA never expires after a year, and can also be used after retirement. HSA is a long-term account and can used at your convenience.

• FSA is an employer-based account while HSA is owned by you. If you change employer, HSA will stay with you but you have to spend FSA.

• FSA, receipts must be submitted according to IRS requirements. When using HSA, feel free to submit them whenever you want. For eligible purposes, you can withdraw the amount anytime.

So according to your insurance plan and required health service, determine which fund account is suitable for you. FSA is for limited needs while HSA is a vast one. At Optyx, we provide vision care services & products that almost every FSA can cover. You can also call prior to check your insurance and availabe insurance plans accepted by OPTYX New York.

So why wait until your FSA is expired? Take the time now, and make the call! You won’t regret it. Not only will you see clearly for the magic of the holiday season – we will make sure you look smashing in your new glasses! Optyx provides you with style eye-cons who are trained opticians and know exactly what styles fit your lifestyle and face frame!

Services to avail with FSA & HSA

Many vision-related services are available to you with FSA & HSA at Optyx. All of them are eligible to use.

• Eye Exams

Purchasing eyeglasses using FSA/HSA funds, first requires a prescription from an authentic eye consultant. So an eye exam is necessary to analyze & measure the sharpness of vision. This eye examination is covered with FSA

Prescribed eyewear

You may already have glasses, but anyone who wears them knows – glasses on backup is necessary. So why not utilize FSA/HSA accounts to get an additional pair of eyeglasses? How about progressive lenses, readers or sports glasses?

Blue light glasses

Headaches from all this online shopping? For reading purposes or screen time, blue light glasses are also available to purchase from FSA/HSA funds.

Contact lenses

If you are comfortable with contact lenses, you can also buy them from Optyx. Disposable, short term or monthly use lenses are also eligible through FSA/HSA at Optyx.

Prescribed sunglasses

FSA allows you to buy prescribed sunglasses e.g. polarized or mirrored & photochromic lenses. Protect your eyes from UV rays. Summer or Winter – a much needed and useful accessory.


Eye care accessories like a microfiber cleaning cloth, lens cleaner, and Optyx case can also get by FSA only at Optyx.

Get all of the necessary eye protection items & services at Optyx with your FSA, and HSA funds at amazing prices. Get bundle offers to save FSA & HSA.

Schedule your examination today

If you feel any eye irritation or blurry vision, just use your FSAs and HSAs today. Even if you don’t have a problem with your eyes, it’s important to still schedule your eye examination. Exams can detect disease that have no symptoms as well as help detect vision impairment.

Annual examinations include eye’s measurements so doctors can assess your eye’s health.
Call us, email us or just fill out the form available on the website to schedule your appointment.

Our Locations

Use your FSA and HSA dollars with Optyx. You can visit any of the 11 locations around New York City and on Long Island. Call 1877 472 6945 or schedule online at OPTYX.com

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