3 Great Tips For Protecting Your Eyesight


glasses3 Great Tips For Protecting Your Eyesight

Unfortunately, about 42% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 54 years old are nearsighted. While some eye conditions are unavoidable, taking care of your eyes should be at the very top of your priority list when it comes to your adult responsibilities. Here are some tips that will hopefully encourage you to start taking better care of your eyes:

    • Protect your eyes at all times — When you’re sitting around the house, if you don’t have major eye issues, you should be fine. But if you’re spending a significant amount of time outside or even driving around, you need to keep your eyes protected from the sun. Not even looking directly into the sun can still ruin your eyesight, so remember to wear a pair of high quality sunglasses or specialized prescription eye wear.


    • Limit your exposure to technology — Decades ago, though people certainly struggled with eye issues, they clearly weren’t exposed to all the technology that we see today. Now, some people can’t go more than a few minutes without staring into their cell phone, computer screen, or TV set. All this technology can be extremely damaging to a person’s eyes and can lead to long-lasting issues with someone’s eyesight. Looking at technological devices and bright screens can be fine in moderation, but staring at these screens on a consistent basis can be extremely damaging.


  • Visit an optometrist — If you’re unsure of how strong your eyes actually are (or are not), it’s best to schedule regular visits with your professional optometrist. These eye specialists can assist you in numerous ways, whether it’s providing even more eye safety tips, prescribing glasses, or recommending future eye treatments.

It’s time to start taking care of your eyesight so you can enjoy all of life’s beauty for decades. If you need to visit a skilled eye specialist to learn more about eye care or find quality glasses for you to begin wearing, give OPTYX a call right away.

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