4 Tips for Properly Taking Care of Your Glasses


eyeglassesAs a glasses owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time in the optometrist office trying to find the perfect pair for your face. It might have taken you hours to find the right size and style of frames, so it’d be a shame to ruin them.

Taking care of your eyeglasses is essential if you want to keep them in good condition for many years to come. Here’s what you can do at home to protect your eyeglasses from harm.

Tip One: Rinse Your Glasses

Before wiping the lenses or cleaning the eyeglasses, make sure you rinse them off. Tiny particles of dirt or dust can collect on your lens and if you wipe them down while dry, they can cause scratches and other marks. If you rinse the glasses first, the dirt and dust will soften up a bit, making it easier to wipe off and less harmful to your lens.

Tip Two: Air Dry Your Glasses

If you have the time to do so, let your glasses air-dry instead of drying them with a towel. This can help prevent any additional particles from gathering on your lenses after you’ve already cleaned them. If you don’t have the time to let them air-dry, take a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe them down carefully.

Tip Three: Use the Correct Cloth

If you don’t have a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe your glasses dry with, don’t wipe them down at all. Using paper towels, napkins, and tissues on your lenses can be harmful as they are textured surfaces. One common thing many people will do with their eyeglasses is wiping them down with their shirt. Unless the top you are wearing is made of 100% cotton, there’s a chance that the fibers in the shirt will ruin the lenses. Your shirt may also have other particles like dirt on it, which will end up on your glasses if you choose to wipe them down with it.

Tip Four: Store Them Properly

Store your glasses properly when you’re not wearing them. Buy a glasses case for your frames to protect them when they’re not being used. If you have kids that have glasses, make sure you’re storing their frames properly as well. One in four U.S. children has a vision problem that could interfere with learning and behavior, so it’s common for children to have glasses. And as a parent, you know it’s also common for children to be careless with their things.

Finding the right pair of eye wear at the optician’s office can be time-consuming, so you want to make sure your time hasn’t been wasted. Take a look at a few tips listed above for how to properly take care of your eyeglasses.

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