Akoni – The Eyewear You Dream About

Akoni - The Eyewear You Dream About

What eyewear is in style now?

Akoni eyewear is a new luxury brand that offers some of the most fashionable eyewear in the world. They pride themselves on crafting exclusive designs with contemporary details. If you’d like to look fashionable, then Akoni eyewear is the place to start. Akoni eyewear is in a unique business because we believe that fashion and eyewear belong together. We don’t just manufacture eyewear, but also create original styles which are based on current trends. With every style we make we give our customers the feeling of exclusivity and individuality, which are important for the modern man.

Who manufactures Akoni eyewear?

Akoni Eyewear is a brand that specializes in fashion eyewear. The company has been around since 2006, with its headquarters located in Italy. The founder of the company, Christopher di Troia, has a vision for developing one of the most stylish brands in the world. He had always been an avid consumer of fashionable glasses and wore them daily throughout his entire life.

As a result, he knew what it was like to have to constantly buy new frames due to the changes in trends. After a decade apart from his startup idea, he saw that there was still a market demand for trendy glasses at affordable prices. It was at this point that he decided to launch Akoni Eyewear as an accessible solution for people who wanted to invest in modern style without breaking their budgets.

Where is Akoni eyewear made?

Akoni eyewear is made in West Africa. Akoni Eyewear began production in 2006 in Accra, Ghana, and has since been on a steady growth curve. The eyewear brand was created by George Adedkumah, one of the most sought-after designers in West Africa.

He prides himself on being an innovator of contemporary casual style and also the designer of fine-quality men’s luxury eyewear. His designs are simple yet bold and help define the Akoni brand identity. While many local manufacturers today will mass-produce sunglasses with foreign branding and labels, Akoni Eyewear ensures that each pair is manufactured locally based on its original designs by Adedkumah”.

Akoni eyewear collection:

Eyewear is an important part of a person’s look. It is not just about protecting one from the sunlight, but a way to show personality genuinely. Akoni’s eyewear collection embodies this feeling of timelessness and elegance.

• Etere

There is a new name in the eyewear industry, but its vision is clear. With its bold branding and stylish designs, Etere is making a splash with its distinctive eyewear and sunglass lines.

• Altitude

Altitude is the name of a range of glasses from Akoni that are made for people who like to stand out. They are created because there is nothing wrong with wanting to be different, even if it means standing out from the crowd.

• Horizon

The Horizon is our classic wrap-around, full-rim frame. Built to endure the elements, our Horizon frames are crafted with 100% of natural horn material and finished with distinctive details such as tortoiseshell temples and a comfortable acetate inlay.

• Delta

Delta is the latest release from Akoni Eyewear. Taking cues from our popular Delta sunglasses, we developed a versatile large frame for women that embraces the clean lines that are key to a classic style. The soft and simple shape provides an easy fit and comfortable design while its oval lenses strike the perfect balance between classic and modern.

• Optima

Sun can reflect light directly back at you, making it difficult for your eyes to see. To combat this issue, Optima sunglasses block harmful UV rays with advanced optical lens technology that helps protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. These sunglasses have a modern and clean design with a variety of colors available to match any style.

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