How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Round Face


glassesEye wear is the hottest accessory on the market. Glasses can be used to spice up a simple outfit while also correcting your vision. If you need glasses you’re not alone. Did you know that about 42% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 54 are nearsighted? While all glasses are beautiful, not every pair of glasses will look the same on every person. Face shape, in particular, is a huge determining factor when it comes to picking out out the right pair of specs. So what do you do if you have a round face? How do you determine which eyeglasses will be the best for your look? Here’s what you need to know.

A round face is one that is described as being circular in length but being wide in proportion. A person with a round face usually has full cheeks and a chin that is either fully rounded or only has a few angles. Some of the most popular round-faced celebrities out there include Kelly Clarkson, Mila Kunis, and Adele. If you’re trying to determine if you have a round face or not, take a look at a few of these celebrities and see how your face compares to theirs.

When choosing the right glasses you need to consider a few things. First, look for a pair of glasses with angular or geometric frames. Since a round face is curvy it doesn’t have any angles. Pairing glasses that are angled or geometrically shaped will give your face the balance it’s lacking.

If you’re not really into angular frames, your next best option is rectangular frames. Rectangular-shaped frames are great because they can really help break up the face structure and make it look longer and thinner than it actually is. A round shaped face has equal length and width all the way around, so it can look a lot smaller. So, rectangle frames may be the answer here.

Now that you have an idea of which glasses would look best on your face, it’s important to identify which ones you should definitely avoid. First, avoid any frames that are small and short. They can accentuate how round your face is and make it look even smaller. next, the obvious frames you should stay away from our round frames. A round pair of glasses on a round face has too much happening in one place. You need to break up the monotony using different shapes and textures instead of sticking with something round and Harry Potter-esque.

Now that you have an idea of which frames are the best, which kind are you going to get? Reach out to your eye specialist or optician today to pick out the perfect pair!

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