How To Choose A Bold Glasses Frame


opticianLong gone are the days when the only glasses options tended to be wiry, coke-bottle, and practical. In an age when around 42% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 54 experience nearsightedness, eyewear has truly evolved into a fashion statement. Opticians today aren’t just experienced in crafting lenses, they’re proud of their ability to fit you with beautiful, flattering frames that suit your look.

Color Coordination is Key

If your glasses are an accessory of sorts, treat them like an accessory — one you wear almost every day, with any of your favorite outfits.
Before choosing a unique color for your lenses, take a look at your wardrobe. What colors do your existing clothes and accessories trend towards? If you like blue accessories, for example, a coordinating pair or blue-hued specs would go nicely. If your closet is filled with green clothes, maybe you’ll want to steer clear of more green, and instead choose a color that complements red well such as pink.

Fit For Your Face

Opticians can help with this. You can get the sleekest, eye-catching frame shape in the shop… and it could not be flattering on your face shape. Make sure you choose frames that are aesthetically pleasing to you, but also emphasize the natural beauty and shape of your features.

Multiples May Help

You might feel better about ordering a daring frame if it’s not your only option for vision correction. For example, if you wear contact lenses part of the time or already have other pairs of glasses. If you’re choosing unique frames that you’re unsure about wearing every single day for at least a year, consider getting a backup pair or two.

For those that have especially complex or strong lens prescriptions, remember your lenses may be unsuitable for some frame shapes. Your optometrist or eye specialist should be able to recommend some styles, shapes, and materials that are compatible with thick lenses.

Your glasses change how you see the world, so why not let them change how the world sees you? You don’t have to make an outrageous fashion statement with your glasses if that’s not your thing. Overall, choose a style and color that speaks to you and sparks your confidence.

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