Glasses Or Contacts? You decide!



Traditionally, glasses have been more cumbersome and less trendy than uncovered eyes. However, in recent years glasses have gained popularity, with celebrities opting to wear frames without lenses as a fashion statement.  The wide variety of available frames gives you the opportunity to express your personality through your eyewear, can give you confidence and sometimes change your entire look. 

Both glasses and contacts will help correct your vision, but glasses will most likely last longer. One or two pair of eyeglasses can last several years if they are cared for properly, while contacts need to be replaced more regularly in order to prevent infection.

On the other hand, glasses can be easy to lose, have fewer benefits for your peripheral vision, and can fog up when you enter a steamy room.


Contacts are placed directly on the eye, and therefore they avoid many of the pitfalls of regular glasses. You’ll have a wider range of peripheral vision, and you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of frames on your nose and your ears.

Contacts can also be a good choice for people who play sports or do a lot of physical activity. With glasses, you’d have to worry about them getting knocked off or broken, but with contacts you’re free to rough it and have fun.

As a fashion statement, contacts are great for people who don’t like the way they look in glasses. You can even get contacts that change your eye color, if you like the idea of having purple, blue, deep brown, or other colors of eyes.

Contacts can cause infection if you don’t clean them properly or if you don’t replace them often. Not all contacts are the same, and some last longer than others, but you won’t be able to keep your contacts indefinitely. There’s also the discomfort of putting them in and taking them out—some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of poking at their eyes, which makes glasses a better option for them.

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