Glasses Trends To Watch For This Winter

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glasses repairAs 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to look into the future of fashion at some up and coming trends for 2019. Glasses are an accessory that can make or break a look, so it’s important to pick out the most fashionable frames in line with the new trends for the year. Instead of going for glasses repair, take the opportunity to pick out fashionable new frames that follow these upcoming 2019 trends.  
  • Fun, funky frames: The big, chunky frames of the past few years, inspired by geeky looks, continue to be an inspiration moving into the new year. Rather than using solid neutral tones, however, try pairing these thick frames with a bright color for an interesting statement piece.
  • Elegant and thin: On the other side of the spectrum, thin, elegant metal frames are in this year. These lenses also have plenty of geek and nerd influence behind them, but are made more chic by the minimalist twist. For a modern look, aim for a lighter metal color, like silver or rose gold.
  • High-tech vision: As technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, high-tech looks and practical use is going to be bigger than ever this year. From wearable tech to glasses that can help with eyestrain from the average eight hours full-time workers now spend in front of a screen, glasses and eyewear are more innovative than ever. Make sure your glasses reflect this trend towards high-tech fashion.
  • Intricate details: A little detail goes a long way, and that’s going to be especially true in 2019. Glasses with small, handcrafted details are the next big thing; next time you need to bring your frames in for glasses repair, see if you can add some small intricate detailing.
  Whether you’re looking to replace your broken frames or if you’re wanting a fashionable update for the new year, now is the perfect time to hop on these hot 2019 glasses trends. Make sure your new lenses are perfectly in fashion with these glasses fashion tips.   In need of new fashionable frames for the coming year? Optyx has a wide variety of designer lenses to choose from. Schedule your next visit with an optometrist with the eye care specialists at Optyx and learn why these are the opticians NYC is talking about.

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