Glasses Upgrades To Make In 2019

glasses repair
glasses repairAccidentally breaking or damaging your glasses can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have time for glasses repair on that day. However, you might want to start looking at this unfortunate situation as an opportunity in disguise; when you’re getting your glasses repaired, you can make adjustments to them both in style and in function. Here are a few ideas to take your eye wear to the next level next time you need your glasses repaired.

Blue-Light Filtering Lenses

If your lenses have been cracked or damaged and need replacing, try giving your eyeglasses into the twenty-first century with blue-light filtering lenses. A recent survey found full-time workers and Gen-Yers spend an average of eight hours every weekday in front of a screen. This can result in strained, sore, and dry eyes. Swapping out your lenses for blue-light filtering lenses can help reduce eyestrain from frequent screen use. Even those who don’t wear prescription lenses normally can benefit from this modern eye care.

Transitional Lenses

Do you frequently find yourself outside, either for work or just because you lead an active lifestyle? If so, you may want to consider transitional lenses. These lenses adapt to sunlight and transition from normal lenses to sunglasses, helping protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Rather than having to frequently switch back and forth between prescription sunglasses and your normal lenses, try upgrading your eye wear with these unique lenses.

Style Upgrades

If the lenses aren’t damaged but your frames are, consider looking into adjusting your current style or picking out new frames entirely. Updating your frames is a great way to change up your look on a day to day basis without having to entirely change your wardrobe. Find a new style of frames that works for you and enjoy your new look. In need of glasses repair or a visit to an optometrist to pick out new glasses? Optyx can help you find the right pair of frames for you, as well as offering a wide variety of lens styles for every eye care need. Contact Optyx today to learn more about what sort of glasses might be right for you.

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