How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Heart-Shaped Face

glassesOver the past few months, we’ve talked about the best glasses for round and square-shaped faces. Now, it’s time for the heart-shaped people of the world to have their turn.

According to the National Eye Institute, farsightedness affects 5% to 10% of Americans. That means glasses are a hot commodity. And finding the perfect pair of glasses for your heart-shaped face may seem intimidating. But hopefully after reading this, you’ll feel a lot more confident in your search.

Do You Even Have a Heart-Shaped Face?
Heart-shaped faces can be a lot harder to decipher than others. This type of face has a lot of different curves, lines, and angles, so you may easily get it confused with another shape. Take a moment to stand in front of a mirror and outline your face with your fingers. If you have a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin, you definitely have a heart-shaped face.

Now that you’ve realized you have two hearts as a part of your body, it’s time to pick out some frames.

Oval Glasses
Oval frames are actually the best type for a heart-shaped face. Their rounded edges balance and soften out your face. They’re a lot shorter than a pair of standard round glasses, so they won’t make your cheekbones stand out too much.

Wayfarer Glasses
Wayfarer frames are another great option because they are a lot wider at the top than the bottom. Because of the width difference, your cheeks won’t stand out as much. People’s eyes will gravitate toward the top of your face as that’s where the frame is the heaviest. Your face will look extremely balanced with these eyeglasses.

Rectangular Glasses
It may be surprising that rectangular frames are good for a heart-shaped face, but they do a great job of balancing out the curves. Thin, metal rectangular frames are best as they will help reduce the attention to your face’s width. Make sure the frames are a lighter color, though, as that’ll help prevent them from looking too top-heavy.

Even though it may seem intimidating to find the perfect eyewear for your heart-shaped face, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of options out there, you just have to find the one you like the best. Talk with your optometrist at your optician’s office today and ask them to show you a few different options.

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