How to Pick Glasses That Will Make You Look Younger


glassesAs you get older, the more likely you are to need a pair of glasses. If your glasses need to be worn all the time, you may be looking for ways to make yourself look younger.

About 64.3% of adults in the United States wore prescription eyeglasses in 2016. Even if you think it’s impossible to turn back time, with the help of a new pair of glasses, you can at least give yourself a younger appearance. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose Glasses That Give You a Faux Eyelift

By choosing frames that focus the attention of others upward and outward, people will be stuck trying to guess your age. Cat eye frames tend to virtually lift your face without sending you to the plastic surgeon. Avoid choosing aviator styles or frames with heavy bottoms. This will make people’s attention shift downward. You can even choose frames with some color on the outer corner or upper frame to create a focal point.

Choose the Right Color

As we get older, our natural coloring starts to soften. This means that colors we used to wear all the time during our younger years will start to look harsh on us. So we need to actually start putting a lot of thought into our color choices that can help bring out the youth in us. Look for frames that reflect your softer skin, eye, and hair color. They will complement your complexion really well. If you can’t find any frames that complement your skin tone, look for shiny or lighter frames as they will work just as well. If you’ve started developing wrinkles and baggy eyes, stay away from rimless frames.

Stay in Tune With the Trends

Even though it’s important to find glasses that will work well with your aging skin, you have to remember that eyewear trends matter. While you may think that classic styles are a good choice, even those can go out of style after some time. So stay up to date with the latest in the eyewear world.

Much like your clothes and your shoes, having more than one pair of eyeglasses can come in handy. Keep a few different pairs around that will not only look good while you age but will also work with many different looks. Set up an appointment with your optician or eye specialist to get the perfect pairs of glasses.

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