Seeing Clearly: 5 Signs You Need Glasses

optometristOur eyes are working every second during waking hours, so they understandably need some assistance at times. According to a Live Well survey, full-time workers and Gen-Yers spend an average of eight hours per weekday in front of a screen, often causing strained, sore, and dry eyes. If you suspect that you need glasses to help you see better and take the strain off of your eyes, consult these common signs and then see an optometrist.  
  1. Squinting: While squinting reduces the extra light entering your eyes and therefore reduces the size of the blurred image, it is only a momentary fix. Squinting can signal that you are either far-sighted or near-sighted, both of which require glasses to correct. If your child is squinting, that could be a sign that they have a lazy eye.
  2. Troubles adjusting to light changes: You may notice that it is taking your eyes longer to adjust after seeing bright lights on the highway. This could be an indication that the muscles that help your iris contract and expand are weakening, in which case you need eyewear to help out. This problem can happen with age, as many vision problems do, and seeing an optometrist can be beneficial.
  3. Headaches: Getting frequent headaches could be caused by frequent squinting. The small muscles in your eye are being forced to work harder, putting a much larger strain on your eyes than normal. Purchasing eyeglasses may solve this problem by reducing the amount of work your eyes have to do.
  4. Difficulty seeing at night: When you are having night vision issues, it could mean that you are developing cataracts. These troubles could also be caused by taking certain medications, but investing in eye care may remedy the issue.
  5. Making adjustments as you look at an object: If you notice that you need to hold books or menus at a distance or really close in order to read them, it’s likely you need reading glasses. Having to close or cover one eye while you watch TV or read can be an indication that you have astigmatism or a cataract developing.
The best thing to do if you’re experiencing any of these signs is to see an optometrist. The sooner you help your eyes, the better you will feel.

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