Spring Summer Sunglass Trends 2024


Spring 2024 Eyewear Trends Unveiled with OPTYX New York

This Spring 2024, OPTYX New York is thrilled to present an exquisite curation of the season’s paramount eyewear trends, celebrating the art of luxury eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women. Featuring illustrious brands such as Loewe, Chanel, Ray-Ban, Celine, Akoni, JF Rey, Bugatti, Cartier, Dior, Dita Lancier, we delve into a world where eyewear is not just about vision correction but a powerful medium of self-expression and style.

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1. The Bold and the Beautiful: Oversized Frames Make a Statement

Embrace the audacity of oversized frames from fashion powerhouses like Loewe, Celine and Chanel. These statement pieces are more than mere accessories; they’re a testament to the wearer’s confidence and style, perfect for those who see their glasses as an integral part of their identity.

Loewe Suns with Tinted Lenses

Dior Suns

2. A Nod to Nostalgia: The Retro Revival

This season, we’re bringing back the classics with a modern twist. Ray-Ban’s aviators and Akoni’s vintage-inspired designs provide a timeless allure, combining the charm of yesteryears with contemporary sophistication. Ideal for the style-savvy individual who cherishes both the past and the present.

3. Cutting-Edge Chic: Geometric and Unconventional Shapes

Expect the unexpected with geometric and unconventional shapes from JF Rey and Lindberg. These avant-garde designs offer a new perspective on personal style, appealing to those who dare to stand out and make a sophisticated statement.

Lindberg: offers many custom tint lens options

Cartier Suns

Celine Gold Suns

4. Elegance in the Details: Embellished and Luxurious Accents

Loewe Oversized Suns with Gold Embellishments

Discover the opulence of detailed craftsmanship with Loewe, Bugatti and Cartier’s embellished frames. Adorned with precious metals and intricate details, these pieces transform eyewear into wearable art, resonating with those who seek the extraordinary.

Gold Cartier Suns: Quiet Elegance

Bugatti Sunglasses

5. Green is the New Black: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

Akoni leads the way in sustainable luxury, offering stylish frames crafted from eco-friendly materials.

Akoni is determined to lighten its environmental footprint at each step in the creation of every frame, by cutting back on waste and avoiding plastics. Whenever possible, we opt for the most earth-friendly materials and procedures possible. For example, Akoni’s sleek acetate frames rely on sustainable Japanese cellulose acetate (Zyl), created from renewable woods and cotton.

6. A Palette of Personal Expression: Vibrant Colors

This spring, let your eyewear do the talking with vibrant hues from Chanel to Ray-Ban. Dive into a world of color to express your mood, personality, and style, curated for those who wish to make a bold statement.

7. High Fashion: The Luxe of Over the top Suns

The bolder the better

Balmain Shields

Loewe Cat Eye Double frame in Acetate and metal

8. Tinted Lenses are all the rage and Dita Lancier takes it up a notch with Men’s Sunglasses for Land / Sea & Air

This season, OPTYX proudly highlights Dita Lancier, synonymous with masculine elegance and cutting-edge design. Dita’s sleek silhouettes redefine men’s sunglasses, offering unparalleled style and sophistication. Dita Lancier introduces innovative lenses catered to the adventurous spirit – perfect for those who find their playground in the land, sea, and air. Whether you’re a land explorer, a sea voyager, or an air adventurer, Dita Lancier specialized lenses ensure your vision remains crisp and clear, enhancing your outdoor experiences.

At OPTYX New York, we’re dedicated to transforming the eyewear shopping experience into an immersive journey of discovery. Our Spring 2024 collection invites you to explore the intersection of luxury, style, and personal expression through our carefully selected eyewear. Visit us and let our style eye-cons assist you in finding the perfect pair that not only enhances your vision but also amplifies your confidence, character, and individuality.

Discover the hottest sunglasses trends for Spring/Summer 2024 with OPTYX! Stay stylish and protected with the latest eyewear must-haves. 😎☀️ #SunglassTrends

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