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    OPTYX offers, Varilux Essilor Natural® brand progressive on our web orders. Using proprietary methods we determine based off your frame selection & prescription the position of the lenses to best perform ideally for you.

    For more various progressive lens options we recommend you visit at our retail locations to get properly measured and fitted.

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    Pupillary Distance

    This value is the distance of your pupil in respect to your other pupil.
    Sometimes optometrist/ophthalmologist will give you a single number.
    Simply divide it to get your correct value. (
    i.e: 62 PD will equal 31 / 31)

    We are required to obtain & store a copy of your prescription to complete your glasses order. Please select from the options below.

    Most image files accepted.

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Please email your prescription to:

    Please ensure you include your order, which is generated after checkout is completed.

    When we receive your prescription, we will commence with your order.

    We will reach out to your doctor and request your prescription.

    Please bear in mind we will do our best to obtain your prescription and we are subject to your doctor/office's ability to deliver the requested documents in a timely manner which can affect the completion & delivery of your order.

    Once we receive your prescription, we will send you a confirmation of receipt of prescription and continue with your order process.

    Please include as many of the following information to ensure your doctor can locate your file:

    • Office Phone Number
    • Address of examined location
    • Date of Birth
    • Reception point of contact
    • Possible alternative last names (if applicable)