North American Award Launching at Vision Expo East 2024

Award Announced at Vision Expo East 2025

Celebrating Legacy



Longtime eyewear executive Harvey Ross, along with 20/20 Magazine, the Cereda family and HMR Holdings are thrilled to announce the launch of the Sergio Cereda Eyewear Design Award, a tribute to one of the most influential designers in the optical industry. Sergio Cereda’s remarkable journey, began in the early 1960s, has left an indelible mark on the world of eyewear.

The USA Sergio Cereda Design Award will be formally announced at The 20/20 lounge at Vision Expo East on March 15th, and was created in honor of Sergio Cereda to recognize distinctive and emerging talent in the United States. Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2024 with the winner of the inaugural Sergio Cereda Design Award to be announced at VEE 2025.



Harvey Ross, former owner of Viva International, now CEO of the Optyx New York and founder of HMR Holdings, says: “Join us in celebrating the legacy of Sergio Cereda by participating in the Sergio Cereda Eyewear Design Award, presented by The Ross Family Viva Foundation Corp, powered by 20/20 Magazine. This is more than a competition; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of eyewear design.

We hope students will let their creativity shine, honor Mr. Cereda’s contributions, and be a part of the next chapter in optical innovation. Together, we can ensure that Sergio Cereda’s legacy lives on in the hearts and designs of future eyewear creators.

The new Sergio Cereda Eyewear Design Award goes beyond recognition of the contributions of Cereda. It is an opportunity for young designers and students under 25 to follow in the footsteps of a legend. A $10,000 prize to encourage education and the development of design and development careers in the international optical industry, echoing Mr. Cereda’s vision.

About Sergio Cereda

Mr. Cereda’s career unfolded at Samco, a division in the injection department of Mazzuchelli S.P.A. in the 1960s. His creative prowess continued to flourish in the 1970’s at Ratti in Torino, Italy, where he became one of the first designers of Persol. His portfolio expanded globally, contributing his talents to renowned collections for brands like Roy Tower, Krizia, Cerutti 1881 Roberta di Camerino.. In the 1980’s , he reached new heights with his work for Luxottica on the first Giorgio Armani collection in 1988 and the initial Chanel collection in 1985.

A pivotal moment came when Harvey Ross, founder of Viva International Group, met Sergio Cereda and their collaboration led to an extensive new brand portfolio, with Sergio Cereda becoming the director of design for Viva International Group. The partnership touched premium fashions and brands, including collaborations on such eyewear collections as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Beau Monde, Harley Davidson, Benetton, Catherine Deneuve, and many more.Viva’s Ross feels the reason for Viva’s success as the first American company be able to expand its distribution throughout the world, was due in large part to the talents of Cereda. 

Cereda Family says:

“Presenting the Sergio Cereda Design Award at the recent Mido 2024 edition in Milan, Italy was such an inspiring and powerful experience that generated incredible admiration and interest. We hope that the announcement in New York during VEE will be as exciting. When Harvey’s vision for this design award was presented to Sergio, his own words were “I love the idea” As a family, we fully support and highly encourage young designers to develop a passion for eyewear design, a rewarding and exciting profession. successful”

Submission Information

Theme and Criteria:

The central theme of the award revolves around “Eyeglasses in Their Pure Form: Balance Between Proportion and Harmony, Innovation and Disruption.” We invite participants to delve deep into this theme, creating designs that showcase a profound understanding of styles and models, balancing innovation with disruption. These participants are encouraged to use their creativity with the theme.

Submission Requirements:

Entrants must be 25 years or younger, and currently enrolled in design school in The United States of America. Entry is free. Entrants must submit at least 6 hand sketches, graphics, renderings, physical models, and prototypes (3-D printed or handmade). Entrants are also encouraged to include any creative content and inspirations to to amplify the project’s essence. If submitting a 3-D printed prototype, please take screenshots and upload in the submission link below. Any questions, please email:

Domestic Jury

The Jury

An esteemed jury will meticulously evaluate each entry based on the theme and entry criteria. The international jury will include:

  • Harvey Ross: Founder of Viva International Group, CEO of Optyx New York and HMR Holdings
  • Victoria Garcia: 20/20 Magazine Fashion Editor
  • John Juniper: Eyewear Designer
  • David Friedfeld: President of Clear Vision Optical
  • Stefania Cereda Opperman: Design Consultant for Essilor Luxottica’s North America Product Team

Submission Details

Timeline and Submission Form:

Criteria, theme, details for design submissions are posted here below.

A one to two page essay will also be required to be submitted by each applicant, explaining the significance of their project, and their thoughts about the significant role of eyewear designers in the optical industry and why Sergio Cereda’s legacy should endure.

Submission deadline will be November 30, 2024.

All submissions would be made through the application below.

The award winner will be announced at VEE 2025.

Sergio Cereda Award Application