Purchasing glasses online to save money? 


Top 5 reasons to choose brick and mortar like OPTYX over an online site for your eye-care needs.

1. Our opticians at OPTYX come with years of experience in the field catering to different clientele and providing a concierge type service. We speak to our patients lifestyle FIRST, to give us a precise picture of their needs, wants and educate them on the options available.

2. We offer only the highest-quality lenses that are all digitally designed and crafted for every individual wearer. 

3. Online retailers do not have the resources to provide a custom fit the way private optical professionals do with a hands-on approach.

A number of measurements are required in order to get the perfect fit. An analogy?  It’s like being fitted with a tailored suit or getting custom shoes made just for you.

4. Our team sees customers who have purchased their glasses online to get their lenses fitted and adjusted, simply because the hinges or plastic is not up to the quality we provide.

We offer better materials and a custom fit—which DOES costs more money, however we provide crystal clear vision, smudge free lenses, blue light protective coating, and a superior quality which results in fewer problems. 

5. We also carry luxury frames from all over the world, that you will not find online, and won’t see  and coming and going on every face. We feel your vision is one of the most important, if not THE most important sense to cherish.  Why would anyone want to skimp on something so imerative to living a healthy lifestyle. An online retailer, is NOT going to be able to tell you if something is “going on” that needs to be addressed with your eye-sight.  top of that, our team is trained to style any face, any lifestyle, and we accept most insurance plans.

OPTYX is not for everyone, you can clearly #seethedifference when you leave any of our 9 locations in NYC or on Long Island. 

The moral of the story? Isn’t your vision worth more than $99.00? To learn more, or book an appointment CLICK

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