11th Store Opening For Optyx – The best place for eye exams, On The Upper East Side, Third Ave/61st NYC

11th Store Opening For Optyx

Our comprehensive exams are more than just a means of obtaining your prescription for glasses or contacts, early detection of serious conditions, such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, macular degeneration and cataracts are possible through annual eye exams. Because of this, our expert doctors of optometry perform an in-depth examination to evaluate not only your eye acuity but your overall eye health and wellness

Unfortunately, most of us put off eye exams until our vision is blurry, our eyes are itchy, watery or red. A regular eye exam is as important as your visit to the dentist. Let’s face it- our eyes are a special gift, and we should treat them as such.

Grand opening of OPTYX in October at Third Ave/ 61St NYC:

OPTYX makes the experience easier than ever, with 11 locations in New York, and a new incredible location in the heart of Manhattan. The grand opening of OPTYX on Third Ave in NYC is our largest store in the portfolio to date with an inventory of eyewear that has been curated by the best in the eyewear industry.

OPTYX – Customer Service is everything.

OPTYX is a safe, reputable place you can trust for your eye-care without hesitation. With over 50 years in the business, Optyx is not just an optical store, it’s an experience. We offer a wide range of luxury eyewear as well as detailed diagnostics for any eye concern. Our optometrist are trained to use the latest technology to handle everything related to eye-care.

Our Opticians

OPTYX style-eye cons are opticians and also trained to make sure your frames fit your lifestyle and will guide you to find frames to fit the shape of your face.
If you are prescribed contacts, we will help train you in properly inserting as well as removal,which can be tricky for some of our patients.


We have a team of professional and experienced doctors. Our professional optometrist, at 1036 Third Ave NYC, Dr. Austin Kim will make you feel at ease and have you in and out of your exam in 25-30 minutes.


Learning more about you and your lifestyle, helps our team determine what prescription will suit you best. As part of your eye exam, we will ask for information such as any medications you may take, your overall health, and any concerns you might have about your vision. We also want to know about what we call “visual demands” or, in other words, the kinds of tasks you perform every day. Your visual demands may include frequently using a computer, working in an outdoor environment, or having hobbies such as knitting or golfing. All of these questions allow us to better tailor the exam to your specific needs.

How to prepare for eye-exam?

To get ready for your exam, you should have a few pieces of information on hand. You will
aslo be asked to fill out your patient intake form at OPTYX.com
1. An overview of your and your family’s medical history.
2. A list of any eye- or vision-related symptoms you have been experiencing.
3. Any medications you’re taking (non-prescription medications included).
4. Your vision insurance information, if applicable.
5. Any concerns or questions you want to ask your optometrist.
6. Please bring any eyeglasses or contacts you’re currently using.

Finally, it’s a good idea to bring a pair of sunglasses to wear afterwards in case your eyes are dilated during the exam. A dilation checks your retinal health, and the drops used to dilate your pupils can cause sensitivity to light and blurred vision for a few hours.

When you consider that most of what we perceive is through our sense of vision, good eye health makes good sense, that’s why our optometrists are thoroughly committed to ensuring your eyes are in the best of health.

Understanding your eye-exam:


Once we’ve completed examining your eyes in depth, we take the time to explain any eye infection or abnormalities we find, and provide the educational information you may need to make additional decisions. Your eye health and preserving your vision is our top priority, therefore, any concerns that may have risen during your eye exam will be gone over to discuss follow up measures or further testing. We have worked with many specialists in and around New York.


Your final eyeglass prescription will be given to you based on your needs. We’re advocates for what is called “task-specific” eyewear. It’s one of the reasons you were questioned about your visual demands during your eye examination.

For those who work on computers, for example, having eyeglasses designed to reduce glare and allow you to see clearly from an appropriate distance can help reduce eye strain and tiredness. They can even help reduce pain in your neck and back caused by having to tip your head back with your bifocals.


Services we provide include:

Eye exam:


We use a variety of techniques to check what we refer to as your visual system. This means checking the ability of your eye to control movement, checking binocular vision, evaluating eye alignment, determining whether you may have any color deficiencies, and ensuring your pupils function properly. This process is key in our ability to not only evaluate how well you see, but how well your eyes work independently and together.

Luxury Eyewear, Digital Lenses, Contact

Lenses – One-Stop Shop:

We have a wide range of frames and lenses for you to choose from that highlight your individuality. It is important to find the perfect frame that suits your face and makes you look and feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

If you are a fan of brands like Celine, Dior, Alian Mikli, Mita, Fendi, Lindberg, Cartier Akoni, and Balmain, then you must experience our eyewear boutiques.

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