Optyx – Luxury Eyeglasses Boutique in New York City

Optyx – Luxury Eyeglasses Boutique in New York City

Being a specs person is not likable for everybody. It’s your eyes, the most beautiful yet sensitive gift of God. They require special care like the rest of our body does. But still, getting sick or having health issues is not something that is really in our hands. So, it is normal, if you get viral infections, dental infections, or other health issues. But one thing to consider is that we always keep going to our physician and dentist for regular checkups. But we don’t bother planning regular checkups for eye health, which is as important as other visits.

Having your eyes checked regularly could also help diagnose eye diseases at an early stage and talk about other health issues. So, make sure to plan your visit with an optometrist once in a while. And if you feel symptoms that could point towards a bad vision or weak eyesight, you should immediately rush to an eye doctor.

Because if your eyesight is not that weak at the moment, it might be cured with eye drops and wearing specs for some time. But even if you have to wear specs all the time due to some reason, then there shouldn’t be a problem with our huge range of luxury eyeglasses at Optyx.

What is the purpose of eyeglasses?

Having blurred vision or trouble seeing at night, or at distance can be a sign that you need eyeglasses. The basic purpose of eyeglasses is to correct your vision issue, whatever is it. Maybe you feel trouble seeing close or far, or you have blurry vision, or there could be more issues. To avoid any obstructions and see properly without any trouble or having your eyes hurt, eyeglasses in New York city are the best solution. You will not have to do extra effort to see what’s next to you or written on the billboard across the road if you wear the right pair of eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses are intended for correcting vision by focusing the proper light on the retina. Because our vision can be affected by how light focuses on the retina. Eyeglasses are used to see clearly when you are facing something like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It is important to have a consulted optometrist or ophthalmologist because only an optician can make the right eyeglasses for you. Prescribed eyeglasses will have the right performance according to your eye health.

These eyeglasses are intended for:


Usually, eyeglasses are considered to be for only people who have weak eyesight. But it doesn’t just help people with bad vision, instead, it can be used by others who have had trouble reading for some time. Eyeglasses are important for reading because they help with clearer vision. If your eyes feel fatigued after just a little reading, or you have to keep the book distant to see then you need over-the-counter or prescription glasses. It will help you avoid troubled vision and make you feel discomfort while reading.

Digital protection:

Specs are available for different purposes. Some people have to wear it all the way and every time. But some people only prefer wearing eyeglasses while they are reading or working with digital devices. Even if you don’t have vision problems, you can still use computer glasses for working on your laptop. Computer glasses help protect your eyes from radiation as the lenses of computer eyeglasses are coated specially to keep your eyes at comfort while you work. Eyeglasses New York also helps to improve vision and keep your eyes from straining dry eye issues, and other computer usage-related issues that are known as computer vision syndrome. They also protect your eyes from blue light that is released by digital devices like laptops, desktops, mobile and tablets, which can be harmful to eyes if exposed for a long time.

Safety glasses:

Safety glasses are used to protect your eyes from harsh chemicals or harmful materials that can be dangerous for your eyes while you are working on something like performing experiments in the lab or working with harsh chemicals even at home. Safety glasses may also protect your eyes from dust, smoke, and other pollution if your eyes are sensitive.

What kind of glasses are usually prescribed by an optometrist?

New york eyeglasses are what you need if you are having trouble with your vision. Or even if you have perfect eyesight, eyeglasses are now trending, so you can even add without prescription eyeglasses to your wardrobe for just a better look. The lenses of prescription glasses are the core of the eyeglasses, which are created by the optician as per the requirements. The strength and type of lenses vary from person to person as to how and what is their eye requirement. Here are a few types of prescription glasses lenses:

Single vision:

This is for you if you only have a problem seeing at one distance/. Like you feel hard to see something farther enough to see with the naked eye or either you find it hard to see what’s right next to you but it’s still blurry. Then your optometrist would probably advise a single-vision lens.


It is a two-in-one solution for people who have nearsightedness and farsightedness. The bifocal lenses contain two sections, the upper one is for farsightedness and the lower one is for nearsightedness.


Trifocals and bifocals are somehow the same, with just a little difference. Trifocal lenses allow you to see at multiple distances. It also helps correct your intermediate vision along with near and far vision.


Progressive lenses are the best option for you if you have trouble seeing at different distances. Like sometimes it is difficult to see clearly what’s written in the book right in front of you. And sometimes you’re unable to read the directions from sign boards while traveling. Progressive lenses help with multiple distances.

Types of lens material

If one of your family member, friends, or relatives wear glasses then you would know if they break them often. If they do, then it means they wear glass lenses eyeglasses. Eyeglasses in New York City can be found with different lens types. Each one of these lenses has its ups and downs, but it is better to discuss with your optometrist what’s better for you. Here are the types of lenses you can get your eyeglasses made with:

Glass lenses:

Only glass lenses were initially used for eyeglasses. Indeed they can provide the best optics, but since they are glass, they are fragile and can break easily. In such cases, it can hurt your eye as well. and glass lenses are heavy too. So there are now quite a few options that are being used instead of glass lenses for eyeglasses.

Plastic lenses:

Plastic lenses were first introduced in the 1940s. They also provide the best optics, yet they are lightweight, inexpensive, and long-lasting.

High-index plastic lenses:

Hi-index lenses are so light and thin that they feel perfectly comfortable to wear as compared to other plastic lens materials. They could be expensive but they are a one-time investment. If you have a high prescription then choosing hi-index lenses will make them feel light and attractive on your eyes.

Polycarbonate and trivex lenses:

Polycarbonate is a lightweight plastic that was first used for safety glasses in the 1970s. But they showed great impact resistance by being so lightweight and secure that they became quite popular. This is the best material if you need eyeglasses for your child or sportswear, as it is risk-free. Although trivex is also lightweight and similar to polycarbonate, have impact resistance as well. But polycarbonate lenses are mostly preferred over trivex lenses.

Types of glasses frames:

Glasses frames also hold much importance when it comes to getting a pair of eyeglasses. If the frame is not likable, comfortable, and affordable, then it could cause you trouble. Frame material is also what you can choose by yourself. But in the fact, you should know about frame materials.

Frame materials are mostly categorized into “plastic” and “metal”:

Plastic frames:

Plastic frame material like zylonite or cellulose acetate is the perfect material for you if you want inexpensive, lightweight, and rainbow colors. Propionate is also used for plastic frames. It is a nylon-based material that is lightweight and glossy. If “comfort” is your priority then choose propionate, it is also hypoallergenic.

Metal frames:

Monel is the material that is most commonly used when we talk about metal frames. It is a mixture of different metals. It is hypoallergenic, but still, some people with sensitive skin might feel irritation if it is in direct contact with the skin. This reaction can be avoided if nickel-free plating like palladium is used.
Another meta material titanium is also used for glasses frames. It is a silver-grey material that is light, reliable, and corrosion-resistant.

Frame types:

New York eyeglasses come with a huge variety of glasses frames. Because everyone has different tastes, different face shapes, and different priorities. So, if you have to wear specs, you should wear them to your liking.


Full-frame glasses are mostly opted for by people who love wearing them boldly. The big plus about the full frame is that it gives you a variety of options to choose from. It has a lot of variety from color and pattern range to different frame materials and frame sizes.

Semi-rimless frame

Semi-rimless frame glasses are the best hybrid option for you if you want to stay in between. They give you a bold look as well as being lightweight, looking elegant yet sturdy.

Rimless frame

These rimless frames are for people who want to keep them low. They don’t like extra weight on their face and appearance. You can choose one of your choices from eyeglasses New York city at Optyx.

What’s best suitable for specific face shapes?

Sometimes it is hard to choose the right option for you. If you are getting your first pair of eyeglasses, then here are some recommendations that would help you find the most suitable frame shapes for your face shapes:


If you have a round face shape then try finding a frame with bold angular lines. Make sure that it rests up right above your cheekbone. A thick, rectangular frame would help enhance your face shape and features.


If you have a square face then a thinner yet wider frame is the best option for you.

Heart-shaped face:

If you have heart shaped face, then the best suitable frame for you should be the one that is a little wider than your forehead and winged out with round bottom.


Find the glasses with a bold frame and angular lines. Getting a bold, full-rimmed frame will do fine.


Glasses frames with thick tops and round bottoms will do justice to the diamond face shape.


With a triangle face shape, it is better to find a frame that is wider than your jawline. You can choose a semi-rimless frame and it will look perfect if it’s a little wider than your jawline.

Where to go?

If you are confused about wearing glasses because you don’t know how it would turn out, then I hope this guide will help with New York eyeglasses. You can come to optyx and you will see for yourself how much delicate, pretty, and huge a variety of luxury eyeglasses we have for you. Time to explore the best place for eyeglasses in New York.

What brands of eyeglasses are available in Optyx?

Optyx is home to the biggest and most famous eyewear brands. You don’t have to go from place to place to find the right eyewear for you.

We have a huge variety of luxury eyewear offered by the most famous brands like:





Thom Browne

Tom Ford

Barton Perreira

Caroline Abram


And many more!

Welcome to Optyx

If you have your prescription for eyeglasses and you don’t know rather you should go for contact lenses or eyeglasses, then come visit us.

Because this is going to make up your mind and you will only leave finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your face shape. We offer eyeglasses New York at: https://optyx.com/locations/

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