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5 Hidden Health Problems That Can Be Revealed by Eye Exams: Insights from Optyx New York’s Top Doc


In the bustling rhythm of New York life, it’s easy for routine health checks to slip through the cracks, especially eye exams. Many of us postpone or overlook these appointments unless facing an obvious issue. However, the comprehensive eye exams at Optyx’s 13 locations across New York City and Long Island offer more than just […]

Where can I get an DMV eye exam for my driver’s license in New York?


Car accidents occur on a daily basis.  Sometimes they involve several vehicles and sometimes, one driver’s mistake, can affect multiple vehicles.  Could it be that one of the drivers made careless mistakes? Yes, however, in some cases it might be the eye-health or poor vision that was the cause. That being said, if not for […]

Optyx – Luxury Eyeglasses Boutique in New York City

Optyx – Luxury Eyeglasses Boutique in New York City

Being a specs person is not likable for everybody. It’s your eyes, the most beautiful yet sensitive gift of God. They require special care like the rest of our body does. But still, getting sick or having health issues is not something that is really in our hands. So, it is normal, if you get […]