Exclusive Cartier eyewear available at Optyx in NYC

Exclusive Cartier eyewear available at Optyx in NYC

Are you fond of glasses? No, not just prescription glasses, because they are mostly your need, not liking. We are talking about reading glasses, sunglasses, and yes designer prescription glasses as well. You can always invest in a stylish pair of sunglasses, but even if you have to wear prescription glasses, why wear them like a nerd and not like a cool dude?

Cartier eyewear is something that you would want to try on for your next beach vacay trip or even for a perfect dinner date at Tuscany. Do you know about Cartier eyewear? If not, you are going to know now and will find yourself motivated to purchase one immediately. Let’s see why Cartier eyewear NYC is the best choice for you.

The history behind Cartier eyewear:

A brand started by Louis-Francois Cartier in a workshop of craftsmen in 1847, who knew that it would become a luxury brand that is going to last for centuries. At first, they were only selling jewelry and watches. But in 1887, a custom pair of glasses with diamonds encrusted was designed especially for the French princess. And they didn’t start immediately. They only continued making eyeglasses on demand for the next 96 years, and only for special customers.

Later in 1983, they launched the first lot of optical eyewear, which was made by using the same sophisticated material with perfect detailing, craftsmanship, and durability. This is why the brand is still known for the best.

What is Cartier’s eyewear style?

Cartier has introduced their designs in variety with so many designs that you can choose from. They have designed females, and males as well as unisex designs.

So you can choose as per your liking:

Louis Cartier:

This collection is full of bold yet delicate eyeglasses with 18-carat gold available in white, gold, and pink. They are designed with precious gems. Although they might seem quite expensive yet they are worth trying.

Panthere de carter:

It clearly describes that these glasses have something to do with a panther. This collection has a panther face designed on the rim or hinges. They also have a handmade design on each pair.

Santos de Cartier:

This collection has Santos screws symbolized on each pair. They are available with lenses in various designs.

Premiere de Cartier

The premium cat eye vintage style glasses. A bold, elegant, and graceful look is guaranteed by this collection.

C décor:

A refined, fine, elegant, and decent collection of glasses for people who like to keep it simple yet elegant.

How does Cartier eyewear set itself apart from competitors?

Cartier eyewear is a renowned fashion brand that is famous not just for eyewear but they leading the fashion industry with jewelry, watches, perfumes, and other fashion accessories as well. If you want to know more about the brand, it is important to know that Cartier eyewear in NYC might be more expensive than others but it shines due to the excellence, craftsmanship, and quality of the material they use.

They stand apart from their competitors because they offer elegance with style and durability.
They are also shining brightly due to their unique, enticing, and seductive collections like panthere de Cartier, c-décor, and Santos de Cartier. You can find a variety of frames, lenses, designs, and colors.

Can you get a designer eyewear Cartier prescription?

Yes indeed, you can get a Cartier eyewear prescription but for this purpose, you might have to visit Cartier’s official optician. But you can also shop for the luxury prescription frame from Cartier and get your prescription lenses fitted into them by your optician.

What is the average price of a pair of Cartier eyewear?

If you are searching for the best luxury eyewear brand, then you have found the right one looking for Cartier. But if you are also looking for a “budget”, then it might not be for you. Cartier eyewear NYC is being sold as one of the most expensive eyewear in the market. But again, you can do anything for style and durability. And if you invest in it, then it is going to stay longer with you than you thought. The minimum price for regular Cartier eyewear starts from $500 and it goes up to $6000. They also have collections carved with 18-carat solid gold, so you know why they are expensive.

How can you tell if Cartier’s eyewear is real?

If you are paying your pocket off for a pair of glasses then it should be the real deal. So, how you are going to find out if it’s not the right one? Here’s how:

Spot the engravings:

Inside each frame, the specific logo of the brand is engraved along with the 7-digit serial number. You also need to look at the words “Cartier” and “Paris”.

Guarantee and casing:

The authentic pair of Cartier eyewear will come with a hard-leather case and a guarantee certificate.

Price gap:

If you are finding Cartier eyewear NYC online at as much as a 75% discounted rate than the real price, then you are being scammed. They are expensive, and no other company can sell them at this much discount.


Finding the real Cartier eyewear might be hectic. Because it is an expensive product and you will never want to waste your money by purchasing it online and getting fake.

So, try visiting Optyx as we offer authentic and most famous luxury eyewear collections like Cartier itself. You can make yourself comfortable by taking a deep look at the product.

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