5 Hidden Health Problems That Can Be Revealed by Eye Exams: Insights from Optyx New York’s Top Doc


In the bustling rhythm of New York life, it’s easy for routine health checks to slip through the cracks, especially eye exams. Many of us postpone or overlook these appointments unless facing an obvious issue. However, the comprehensive eye exams at Optyx’s 13 locations across New York City and Long Island offer more than just a prescription update; they are a window into your overall health.

Dr. Mann, a leading Optometrist within the Optyx New York Garden City Park Office, voted the best optometrist on LI- emphasizes the depth of these evaluations. “During an eye exam at Optyx, we don’t just assess your vision; we take a holistic look at your health. Understanding your personal and family medical history helps us identify potential risks for conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration.”

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The importance of regular eye exams extends beyond eye health. Dr. Mann says, “It’s not uncommon for us to detect signs of systemic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes before any other symptoms appear. Early detection can significantly impact your health outcomes.”

Uncovering the Unexpected

Here’s a closer look at some of the health issues that might first be spotted during an eye exam at Optyx: Eye Exam – Book Now

  • Learning Difficulties: With a vast majority of learning conducted visually, undiagnosed vision problems can significantly impact educational success. Regular eye exams are critical for children, offering a chance to diagnose and address vision issues early.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Signs of vitamin A deficiency, which can lead to severe eye conditions and even blindness, may be detected through an exam. This is particularly crucial for individuals at risk, including those who have had bariatric surgery.
  • Systemic Health Conditions: Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can manifest in the eyes before other symptoms become apparent. An eye exam can reveal changes in the retina indicative of these diseases. Dr Mann describes that looking at the back of the eye  (retinal exam)  provides the only place in the body where we can DIRECTLY view blood vessels. Changes in these blood vessels are a clue to the status of all blood vessels in one’s body that cannot be seen without more invasive procedures. Thus, she adds,” The eye is the window to your overall health “.
  • Other Conditions: From headaches that might be caused by vision strain to more serious concerns like potential eye cancer, thyroid eye disease, and early signs of macular degeneration or cataracts, an Optyx eye exam can uncover various health issues.
  • Glaucoma: Can cause blindness if not detected and has NO symptoms.

When to Schedule an Eye Exam?

To ensure comprehensive care, Optyx recommends the following guidelines for eye exams:

Children should have their first exam at 6 months, by a pediatric eye doctor if warranted. Dr Mann usually recommends that kids get their 1st eye exam right before kindergarten unless there is a family history of ocular pathology or parents notice squinting, eye turns, or other clues that there may be a visual Issue. 

Adults under 40 with good vision might opt for biennial exams, but those over 40 should consider annual checks. If it’s been over two years since your last exam, it’s time to schedule.

Dr. Mann encourages everyone to prioritize eye health, “With today’s advanced technology and our expertise, we can provide numerous treatment options. But it starts with scheduling your exam.”

At Optyx, we’re not just focused on your vision; we’re dedicated to your overall well-being. Visit us at any of our 13 New York locations to discover what your eyes reveal about your health.

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