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North American Sergio Cereda Eyewear Design Award Announced at Vision Expo East

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(L to R) Marc Ferrara – Jobson, James DeMatteis – Jobson, David Friedfeld – ClearVision, Harvey Ross – CEO of OPTYX New York, Ingrid Dodd – Director of Marketing & Communications, Victoria Garcia – 20/20 Magazine Sergio Cereda Eyewear Design Award Prize Doubled to $10,000 – Announcement Made at Vision Expo East 2024 by Harvey […]

4 Facts You Should Know About Glaucoma

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January is #GlaucomaAwareness Month.
Glaucoma is called the sneak thief of sight, has no symptons and is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world.
Lets focus on the good news. It can be detected in your yearly eye exam!

Customer Appreciation Week 2023 Up To 50% Off

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November 30 – December 4th – It only happens once a year! Don’t miss out on our Customer Appreciation Week 2023! This is an event that we, at OPTYX, hold close to our hearts as a way to say Thank You to our supportive and valued customers. This year, we’re offering up to 50% off, […]

Celebrate #NationalSunglassesDay 2023 with OPTYX

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Why is National sunglasses day celebrated? National Sunglasses Day is an annual event celebrated on June 27th since it’s the birth date of Sam Foster, who introduced mass-manufactured sunglasses to the United States in 1929. The day celebrates not only the invention of sunglasses but also serves as a reminder to protect our eyes from […]

How Celebrities Elevate Their Style with Luxury Sunglasses

How Celebrities Elevate Their Style with Luxury Sunglasses

Why Do Celebrities Prefer Luxury Sunglasses Celebrities have often been seen wearing luxurious sunglasses, from designer frames to diamond-encrusted shades. Luxury sunglasses offer celebrities a way to showcase their personal style while protecting their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Luxurious eyewear designs often feature intricate details made with quality materials that are built […]

Mother’s Day Gifts: 25% Off Sunglasses Your Mom Will Love!

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All moms are special in their own way, with super-powers that make them unique. Whether your mom is a hipster, a classic beauty or a glamourous diva, we’ve got the perfect pair of sunnies for her to rock all summer long. While you’re at it, it’s also the perfect time for YOU enjoy 25% off […]

Don’t Do This If You Wear Contacts

water’t Do This If You Wear Contacts Sleeping with Contact Lenses Without blood vessels, your cornea uses oxygen from the atmosphere to remain healthy. It does this because without oxygen, the cornea can develop scars, become less transparent, and even warp. When sleeping we close our eyes and restrict our cornea of the oxygen it […]

OPTYX Celebrates National Sunglasses Day

134300300_3892703150747925_2036960651176208483_n OPTYX Eye-care is celebrating National Sunglasses Day with tips and essential information you need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.  Sunglasses do help with squinting, and yes, even wrinkles, but healthy vision is imperative for the entire family.  Did You Know That Children Need Sunglasses too? Most often we forget to protect […]

Partners to Host “Gift of Sight Day”

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Legislator Lafazan, OPTYX New York Eye-Care Berkshire Hathaway Laffey International and Essilor Vision Foundation Partner to Host “Gift of Sight Day” Woodbury, NY – May 5, 2021 (WOODBURY, N.Y.) – Nassau County Legislator Joshua Lafazan (Woodbury) is partnering with OPTYX New York Eye Care, Berkshire Hathaway Laffey International, and Essilor Vision Foundation to provide complimentary eye exams, frames and lenses, […]