Best place to visit for an eye exam in New York City

Best place to visit for an eye exam in New York City

Taking care of your health is your duty. Because life is a blessing from God. And you should not exploit that blessing. Before going crazy over what’s happening in your life, you must know that this is part of life. And it shall pass. All you do to keep yourself together and by loving yourself and taking care of your health, you can live your life to the fullest like it deserves to be.

If you are one of those responsible citizens who keep check on their health and have everything on record then you are doing a great job. You must visit your dentist, physician, and therapist if needed on time and never miss an appointment. But do you do the same for your eyes?

Do you go to the optometrist as regularly as you go to your physician and dentist? If not, then it is time you take your eyes seriously. Because the eyes are the most sensitive and important part of your body. They require extra care as you do for your skin and hair. And if you never had an exam then it is time you find an eye exam new york city and get yourself a comprehensive eye exam.

How frequently should you go to the eye doctor?

 eye exam in New York City

About going to the eye doctor, you should get it done on regular basis. But how often is regular? Well, if you think you are sensitive enough then it should be once a year at least. But if you have eye issues like having sensitive eyes can cause itching, redness, and watery eyes from time to time.

In that case, you should visit an optometrist every few months. If you think something strange is going on with your eyes, never take it easy. But if your eyes are healthy or as you think and you have perfect eyesight, don’t skip the eye doctor visit on annual basis. Or at least you need that in 1-2 years.

Having an eye exam on regular basis will keep you acknowledged ahead of any eye problems you are or can face in the future. Having an eye exam new york city help catch the disease an early stage and it makes them easy to treat.

What makes a regular eye exam essential?

An eye exam is based on a few tests which tells an optometrist about the eye health of a patient. It doesn’t just evaluate eye health from the inside out, but it also tells a lot about the overall health of a patient. Eyes predict a lot about our physical and mental health. When examined comprehensively, eye pupils and veins can help determine the health issue if there is any.

Why do I need an eye exam new york city? This question might come to your mind if you have perfect eyesight and you never had any issues related to eye health in past. But let me tell you why is it important to have an eye exam.

An eye exam is important to check visual equity. And it can help diagnose the problem at its early stage. This way, the problem can be treated easily and efficiently. Another reason for getting an eye exam is that it can detect if there are any chances of eye disease like if you have a history of eye disease in your family or your eyes are prone to allergies etc.

So, just like you visit your physician and dentist, it is time you make a routine and get a regular or comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. You will not regret it when you find out that your eyes are perfectly healthy.

Here are a few more reasons why you need an eye exam ASAP:

Allergic eyes

Some people have sensitive eyes. It means they are prone to eye diseases more. They can get affected by allergies easily. They need to care for their eyes more. If you are one of those people who get allergic easily and get swollen, red eyes or watery eyes from time to time, or you cannot face bright light, if you do, your eyes and head hurt. Then it is time that you take your eyes seriously and provide them the treatment they deserve.

Don’t know about eye exam

If you never had an eye exam till now, or you don’t remember the last time when you had an eye exam then it is time that you go and get your eyes tested. Even if your eyes feel perfectly fine and healthy, still, there could be a lot more to know. And that can only be done with the help of a comprehensive eye exam.

It’s required at every stage of life

Eyesight is definitely a basic need of life. No matter what life stage you are in, you need to see clearly. For school kids, adults, and even for senior citizens, good vision is most important to get moving and achieve goals in life. So, good vision can only be guaranteed by having your eyes checked from time to time.

Your eyes reflect other health issues as well

Another important reason for you to go to an optometrist is that you would be able to know more about your overall health. Because a detailed eye exam new york city can help detect other health issues your body might be developing as well.

How much time should you take out for an eye exam?


If you want to book an appointment with an optometrist then you might wonder how long are you going to spend at the clinic. Because, of course, everybody has a tough schedule these days. And they have to adjust doctor appointments with many other chores of the day. So, it is important to estimate the time before you go.

Usually, it takes almost half an hour for a regular eye doctor’s appointment. But it mostly depends on the kind of visit you are planning. And it also depends on the number of patients present in the clinic before you. But how long are you going to spend with your optometrist?

Well, it depends on a few factors which are:

Age factor

Eye health history

Your previous medical record

Whether the doctor dilates your pupil or not

Any symptoms you might be facing

Whether you require contact lenses or not

If it’s your first checkup or you’re a regular

What time should you go to the eye doctor?

The best time of the day for an eye exam york city is the time when your eyes are rested up and you are fresh to start your day. This means that you should visit an optometrist most likely in the early morning. And if that;’s not possible, the afternoon and evening time also works. But make sure that your eyes are all rested up and you are not tired of using gadgets already. Or you can visit the eye doctor whenever you are free and your optometrist is taking walk-in patients.

What to do before going for an eye exam?

If you have visited an eye doctor once or twice, then you would know the procedure. But if it has been so long that you don’t remember what was it like the last time, or you never even had been to an eye doctor, then we will guide you. It is better to be prepared for everything beforehand.

So, it is always better to know what to do and what not to do before your visit to an optometrist. Eye exams in New York city will require you to prepare for an eye exam beforehand and how do you do that?

Here are a few tips to help you:

Take your id and insurance card along

When you are going to an optometrist, you should take your id and insurance documents along. Because eye exams can cost you a lot if you aren’t covered by insurance. To avoid any extra bills on your budget, make sure to utilize your insurance.

Take your glasses or contacts if you are using any

If you are a specs person then don’t forget to take your contacts or glasses along with you. To get your eye exam york city done properly, it would help the optometrist to have your previous history on record.

Make a list of symptoms you are experiencing

If you keep getting watery eyes from time to time, or swollen red eye has been frequently happening without any reason, you feel dizzy or have blurred vision sometimes, make a list. Include everything you have been experiencing with your eyes lately. Because we normally get confused and forget about the points we have to discuss, and later when we get home, it just clicks that we forgot to ask the most important point. So it is better to prepare.

Give rest to your eyes before you leave

When you have booked your appointment, make sure that you don’t strain your eyes by using too much technology. If you want your visitors to go well and see the details clearly, then you should give rest to your eyes before you leave for the doctor.

Keep a record of your eye health history and your current medication

It is important that you take your previous eye health history (if any) along with you. If not, then ask your parents or grandparents about the history of eye health in your family. Because if you want your doctor to know better about you then you will have to be able to answer the questions they ask. You must also tell them about your current medication if you are taking any.

Don’t be nervous

When we go to the doctor for the first time then we are nervous and kind of scared about what they are going to do with us. But there is no need to be nervous or afraid when you are going to an optometrist for an eye exam because eye exam new york city provides safe services and eye exam is usually painless. There is nothing to be nervous about. There are going to be just a few random tests and they are harmless.

Common eye tests and what they are for:

eye exams in NY

Although it is a doctor’s job to know what to do to be a satisfied patient, it is also important that you know what you will be going through at the clinic. Because you feel more comfortable with your optometrist if you know what’s coming next. Here’s the list of most common eye tests that usually are done during an eye exam:

Glasses check (focimetry)

The first and most common is obviously your glasses checked. Focimeter is used to check the strength and prescription of glasses. And this test is done at the start to let the optometrist have a clear idea about what you are wearing and it talks about your current eye health.

Pressure check (tonometry)

Another common test is done using a tonometer. It is used to check intraocular eye pressure. This test is done by puffing some air into the eye to know if your eye is resistant or not. A disease called glaucoma causes pressure to build inside the eye and it can lead to blindness if not treated on time.

Visual fields check

In this test, a patient’s blind limit is tested. Like how far you can see in the field in front of you. Visual field checks are of different types. Your peripheral vision is also tested. This test is mostly done with an auto perimeter.


This test is also done to check your vision. If you need a glasses, this test will help prescribe them.

Prescription check

In this test, the optometrist will check your vision to prescribe the glasses. You will have to look through different lenses so the doctor will find out the right pair that is letting you see clearly.

A slit lamp

A slit lamp test is done by using intense light and a microscope which lets your doctor see the crystal view of your eye. It enhances the view of the pupil, iris, lenses, and interior chamber. Sometimes doctors also use drops to help to see the cuts, infections, or foreign objects in your eye clearly.


This test is done by dilating the eye. Doctors use some drops to dilate the eye. And you have to be patient for 15-20 minutes to let the drops work. And then your iris will enlarge and it helps the doctor examine the pupil of the eye more clearly as it will show all the veins and muscles of the eye.

Digital retinal photography

Just like the name describes, digital retinal photography is done with the latest and most precise imaging technology which will show the inner of the eye clearly by taking high-resolution images of the inside eye. Retina’s general health and any other possible eye diseases or conditions can be determined through this test.

Eye exam; understanding your glasses prescription

It is important to understand your glasses prescription to make sure that you got the right one. Here’s how you would know:

Sph (Sphere) A plus (+) sign

Sph is used to measure the lens power. And it is measured in diopters. Like if there is a minus (-) sign written under D then it means you have nearsightedness and if there is a (+) sign written with the number under D, then it means that you have farsightedness.

Cyl (cylinder)

Cylinder also indicates the lens strength that is required for astigmatism. It also comes with minus (-) and plus (+) signs according to rather you are nearsighted or farsighted. If you have no or low astigmatism then there would be nothing under the cylinder column.


Axis is a number anywhere between 0- 80 and it tells about the inclination of astigmatism.

Prism and Base

Prismatic power is prescribed for eye alignment. It is measured in prism diopters mentioned as p.d. Or sometimes shown as a triangle.

The base is the direction of the prism which is usually abbreviated by BU, BD, BI, or BO.

OD, OS, and OU

OD and OS are the doctor’s way of indicating the left eye and right eye. OD means oculus dexter which means right in Latin.

OS means oculus sinister, which means left eye in Latin. And OU is used to mention both eyes,

The benefits of a regular eye exam

Where to get an eye exam New York

The significance of having a regular eye exam might be unknown to you. But you need to take it along with your other checkups. Because regular eye exams can save you a lot of pain, and trouble and you would be able to handle health conditions before they get worst. Here are a few more benefits of having a regular eye exam:

Having a good vision could make the success rate higher in your life. It can improve your day-to-day quality of life as well. Because nothing is possible without seeing clearly.

It prevents you from severe health conditions because an eye exam helps detect them at an early stage when they are treatable.

Poor vision or eye disease could lead to blindness if not treated on time.

How much does it cost to check your eyes in New York City?

It depends on various factors. The location of the optometrist, whether the clinic is private or retail, and above all, if you are insured or not. But the average cost of an eye checkup in New York is somewhere between $180- $200.

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