4 Major Advantages of Wearing High Quality Designer Glasses


glassesNearsightedness means being unable to see things clearly unless the object in your line of sight is right in front of your face. Unfortunately, roughly 42% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 54 years old are nearsighted to some degree — and many don’t even know it.

When it comes to eye care, glasses are fantastic options. Not only do they drastically improve the sight of the beholder, but these accessories can improve their quality of life as well. Yes, there is often an adjustment period after being prescribed vision aids for the first time, but most people find their life improves in all sorts of ways.

In the age of designer eyewear, here are just some of the advantages of wearing high quality glasses:

    • You’ll be more approachable — Strangers tend to be more trusting of people with eyewear. Perhaps it’s because a nice pair of glasses can make you look more distinguished and trustworthy, or perhaps because they remind people of trusted advisors. Regardless of the reason, eyewear will make you appear more welcoming, even if you are not.


    • Your eye health will improve — Contact lenses can be great for improving vision, but not necessarily eye health. With quality eyewear, you won’t be straining your eyes as much when trying to read, drive, or simply look around. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the many hassles that come with sticking tiny lenses into your eyeballs each morning. You can simply take your glasses on and off as needed.


    • You’ll be more fashionable — Well, so long as you choose designer glasses that complement your face shape and personal sense of style. Choose correctly and designer eyewear can help improve your entire wardrobe. Some of the most fashionable people on earth don stylish eyewear (some don’t even need them), and you can start trying on different pairs until you love your new look.


  • You’ll see better — Duh! This one is obvious, but it’s such a major advantage for people struggling with their vision it just needs to be said: quality eyewear will help you see the world around you much better.

If you want to schedule an appointment with an eye specialist to learn more about how proper eye care and certain equipment can help drastically improve your life, don’t wait one second longer. And if you want to work with some of the best opticians NYC has to offer, contact OPTYX right away to schedule an exam!

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