Where can I get an DMV eye exam for my driver’s license in New York?


Car accidents occur on a daily basis.  Sometimes they involve several vehicles and sometimes, one driver’s mistake, can affect multiple vehicles.  Could it be that one of the drivers made careless mistakes? Yes, however, in some cases it might be the eye-health or poor vision that was the cause. That being said, if not for yourself, you should have your eye-exams and DMV eye-tests done regularly for the safety of others, if you are a New York State Driver.

Driving for the first time is not as simple as it may seem. At least not for most people. Most people get super nervous when taking a car or truck onto the highway or  among other heavy traffic for the first few times. But then it seems like riding a bike, it starts to become natural. Many teens and adults who love driving, do not have a clue as to all the requirements and licenses to get on the road.  If you are one of those who is excited to get a driver’s license, you must know the requirements. But for OPTYX purposes, one of the most important things, you will need to get your driver’s license, is a DMV exam to be cleared of eyesight issues.

Why do I need an eye exam for DMV?

How do you know if you need an optometrist for an eye exam?

DMV or the department of motor vehicles has the responsibility to keep people safe on the roads. They take every measure to enhance road safety. It doesn’t mean that DMV wants to make it hard to get a license, they just want it done properly.  A license ensures independence and quality of life for people in New York, and it’s their responsibility to make sure that the person getting a driver’s license is capable of following the protocols and can drive properly.

If you have impaired vision, the DMV won’t stop you from driving if you prove that you can drive safely and properly. An eye exam for DMV is necessary because DMV wants everyone to have a driver’s license after completing  the vision test. Rule of thumb applies for a  new license or a license renewal. A vision test is a DMV requirement.

The first thing you need to do if you want a driver’s license is to clear a vision test. It doesn’t mean you should have perfect eyesight. DMV clears people who have 20/40 vision as well. And no matter if your vision is natural or corrected, or you are wearing glasses or contacts, if you have 20/20, 20/30, or 20/40 vision, you will get your license.

What to expect to form a DMV eye exam?

When you apply for a driver’s license, DMV will refer you to the optometrist and he/she will have to complete a DMV vision form, indicating whether you can drive or not. If you have any eye impairments that would put yourself or others at risk for driving, this will be indicated on the form.

Here is what you can expect in your DMV eye exam:

Snellen chart:

This eye chart is most commonly used for vision tests conducted by DMV. If you want to pass the test then print the Snellen chart from the internet and practice it at home before you leave for the vision test.
You should also rest your eyes better to clear the vision test easily.

The vision test conducted by an eye doctor is usually based on some simple exams to detect if there are any common eye conditions like:


Refractive errors mean sightedness, far-sightedness, or distorted vision which means astigmatism.


An eye condition called cataract is one of the common eye diseases. It clouds the eye which makes the vision blurry.


This is an extreme condition, which if not treated on time can lead to blindness as it affects the pupil of the eye.


This condition is also referred to as lazy eye.


A condition that makes the vision of both eyes imbalanced.

If you are facing any of these eye conditions and you know that already then it is important to get them corrected before you go for new york DMV eye exam.

How to pass your DMV eye test?

If you want to pass the DMV eye test on the first go then you should know about what to expect during an exam. You are going to have to read Snellen’s eye chart. So you can print that from the internet and practice it while you are at home. The next thing you need to do is be confident, don’t get distracted while taking the test, and don’t forget to blink as well.

If you ever had eye issues or you wear glasses, then it is important that you visit your optometrist before taking the DMV vision test. Passing the DMV eye exam in New York will be easier for you if you get a regular checkup from your optometrist beforehand and get your vision corrected if there are any issues.

What does the DMV eye chart look like?

Snellen’s eye chart is a chart with different letters on it. There is just one big letter on the first row. And then they gradually get smaller row by row. And you are told by the DMV eye doctor to read the chart row by row and determine your eyesight strength from the smallest row you can see clearly from a specific distance. If you have corrected vision and you need to wear glasses, you can wear them. But DMV will mention on your license that you need to wear your prescription glasses or contacts while driving.

What are the minimum eyesight requirements to get a driving license?

DMV wants everybody to have a license and so they allow people with minimum vision who can meet the standards to have licenses. It means if you have 20/20, 20/30, or 20/4 vision, or more, you can get your driving license.

What happens if I fail my DMV eye exam?

DMV eye exam in New York must be cleared if you want to get your driver’s license. But what happens if you fail? Well, if you are unable to pass the vision test then you are referred to a vision specialist who will have your detailed eye screening and submit the report to DMV. And you can then take the vision test again, after correcting the vision.

How can I prepare for my eye exam?

If you want to be prepared for the New York DMV eye exam then make sure that you have had your comprehensive eye exam recently and have no eye issues. And then you can see if you can read 20/40 rows from the eye chart. If you can, it means you have passable or even better vision. If not, then schedule an appointment with your optometrist.

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